Lark In The Park - Registration - Sidcup, 2019

Please click here if you are hoping to bring a play group or childrens group to Lark in the Park

Registering for our events is really easy. You can either...

Register online
(its quicker)

Why should I? To reduce queuing time on site.

And: The more people that register online, the better for everyone because it takes our staff much less time to process your details and issue your tickets if you do.

 1 : Enter your details, and the details of the kids you plan to bring along into the on-line form (start by clicking the link at the bottom of this page)

 2 : Print the form out.

 3 : Check and sign it.

 4 : Bring it to the site with you on your first visit when registration is open. One of our team will be able to issue event tickets.

After your first day you will not need to re-register although you will need to collect tickets.

or: Register on site
(the slower option)

Why might I need to? If you do not have access to a computer, a printer or the internet or registering on site is more convenient.

But why not? Because your queuing time is likely to be longer than if you registered online.

 1 : Come to the site when registration is open and ask for a blank form.

 2 : Fill it out by hand.

 3 : Bring it to the registration tent where one of our team will enter your details into our computer systems while you wait and then issue you with event tickets.

After your first day you will not need to re-register although you will need to collect tickets.

NOTE: This year you do NOT need to register for the majority of evening events (with the exception of the quiz night and the couples evening), but you will need tickets. Tickets can only be issued at the registration tent on site (see below for details of openning hours).

You can either register at the site (at the times shown below) or online. Tickets for all our events are issued only on site, but if you register online, the process of getting them for the kids clubs should be quicker because we already have your details on file. Registering online also speeds up the process for everyone - the more people that do this, the shorter the queues will be for all our guests.

Registration and Tickets are needed for..Tickets are not needed for..
Thursday and Friday morning events..
- Kids dance or singing workshop

Weekday afternoon events (and Sat 27th)..
- Sparkles (Preschool - 0 to 5 years with adult)
- Fizz (Key stage 1 - 5 to 7 years)
- All-Stars (Key stage 2 - 7 to 11 years)
- Free60 (11 to 15 years)

Weekday afternoon events (and Sat 27th)..
- Inspiration (Adult Craft Drop-in)
- Freedom Tent (over 60s)
- Park Life

Weekend afternoon events (Sun 28th and Sat 3rd)..
- Fun Days
- Family Art Attack

Sunday events..
- Church in the Park

Evening events..
- Couples evening - you need to register to get a ticket.
- Quiz nights - you need to register to get a ticket.
- Church in the Park - tickets are not needed.
- All other themed evenings - you need a ticket but you dont need to register.

On-site registration and booking

The on-site registration tent and ticket office is open . . .

Day and timeRegistering and booking for
Thursdays and Fridays 9.50 to 10.10amtickets for that day's kids morning dance workshop only.
Weekdays (and Saturday 27th July) 12.30pm to 2pmtickets for that day's kids clubs and youth zones.
Weekdays (and Saturday 27th July) 2.20pm to 3.45pmtickets for evening events (up to 5 days in advance).

Please note . . .

  • Children under 12 are not allowed to register themselves or collect tickets on their own.. For safety reasons, we require a registered adult to come to the registration tent to obtain their tickets for them and provide us with contact details that can be used in an emergency.
  • The Sparkles venue (0 to 5s) is an accompanied zone: children must be accompanied by a parent who remains responsible for their child's safety and behaviour at all times.
  • We strongly encourage parents of children in Fizz (5 to 7s) and All Stars (7 to 11s) to remain on the site while your children are in the clubs.
  • Adults are not permitted in the Fizz (5 to 7s), All Stars (7 to 11s) or Free60 (11 to 15s) zone.

Our advice on timing: Arrive on time or risk missing out

  • The afternoon kids clubs start at 2.00pm and close and 3.45pm (the doors of some clubs open a few minutes earlier).
  • All-Stars, Fizz and Free60 close their doors to new arrivals at 14:30. If you arrive after this time, you will not be admitted even if you have a ticket. Tickets for these clubs are not available after 14:20.
  • In order to collect your kids from Fizz or All-Stars at 3.45pm, your will need to present the "reclaim ticket" you will be given when you are issued with the child's admission pass.
  • Some evening events provide food. This is served on a first-come-first served basis. We cannot guarantee that everyone will get a meal (so dont be late). Your event ticket is NOT a guarantee of a meal.

On-line registration

On-line registration is open 24 hours a day.

Click Here To Register Online