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Lark In The Park, Sidcup, 2019
Fast-Track Registration

This is not the right page for Long-term Sparkles or Spinglets club members, Hope school families or Lark in the Park staff to register. Please check the correct web address to use in the information you have been given if you fit into one of those categories.
(click here if you are not sure whether this applies to you)

To reduce queuing time at Lark In The Park registration, we are offering this web service. To use it, please ..

  • Fill out the form below and click the "Continue" button near the bottom of the page, then print out the resulting completed form.
  • Read and sign the printed form (to show that you agree with our terms and conditions).
  • Bring the printed and signed form with you when you come to the site.

Please note (Childrens clubs)..

  • Lark in the Park is designed for families. You may not bring a childrens holiday club, play group or other such group to our event without first contacting the office to obtain permission and disuss requirements, terms and conditions at least a month in advance (read our group admission policy here). Groups that do not do this WILL NOT be admitted, even if admittance has been granted in previous years. You will require written permission on LITP official letter paper at the registration tent in order to obtain access.

Please note (Families and individuals)..

  • Filling out this form online means that your queuing times on site can be significantly reduced.
  • You will need to come to the site, bringing the printed form with you to get tickets for kids clubs (on the day) and evening events (up to 3 days in advance).

Please note (Evening events)..

  • You dont need to register in order to get tickets for many of our evening events this year. The exceptions to this rule are the quiz nights and the couples evening.
  • Group bookings for the couples evening cant be made. One member of each couple wishing to come to the event should come to the registration tent in person to apply for a ticket. Given how popular this event is, we wont issue tickets in advance but will register your interest and make contact with you nearer the time to confirm availability.

Section 1 -- Parent/Adult Details

Please fill this section out if you are adult (18 or over) bringing children to Lark in the Park or planning to attend Lark in the Park events yourself.

Each adult in your group should fill out and sign a form. The children only need to be named on one of them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are registering children for Lark in the Park, this form must have the contact details and signature of an adult/parent with legally recognised parental responsibility (click here for the legal definition of this) for them.

Your Title(Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms -- etc)
Your First Name*(or 'given' name)
Your Family Name*
Your Gender
Your Date of Birth / / *(Day / Month / Year)
Your Ethnicity (Why do we ask? - click here for answer.)
Your Address(House number or name, and road)
Post Code*
L&Q Resident? (are you an L&Q resident - Why do we ask? - click here for answer)
Your School(If you are a student at a local one)
Your Church(If you are part of a local one)
Your E-Mail*
Your Mobile Phone*(so we can contact you in an emergency)
Your Home Phone*
Your Special Needs(If you have any)
Your Allergies(If you have any)

Section 2 -- Details of Children

Please fill in this section with details of any children you are responsible for and you are planning to bring to Lark in the Park events.

If there are more than four children in your family group, please fill out additional forms as needed, and put four on the first one, and the rest on the second, third .. etc. All the forms must be signed by the adult and brought with you to the site.

 Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
First name
Last name
Birthdate (d/m/y) / / / / / / / /
(Why do we ask?)
Special Needs

Section 3 -- Privacy and data protection


    For safeguarding reasons we need your permission to store the information you have entered above in our database and to use it for purposes described in our privacy policy (which you can read here) before we can continue.

    Do we have your permission?

Staying in touch

    Optionally, we would also like to stay in touch with you after the event to tell your about other related events, including next year's "Lark". We are unlikely to send you more than 2 or 3 emails during the year.

    Would you like us to stay in touch?

Please note (the "small print")...
  • Filling out a registration form does not book you into our events or guarantee you a ticket. You need to come to the registration tent on site to get tickets. However, filling out the form online using this facility means that you will probably get through the queues (if there are any) more quickly.
  • You only need to do this once for this year's events; once your details are in our system, you can book into events without having to re-register.
  • You must fill out and sign a registration form for Lark In The Park 2019 even if you filled a similar form last year.
  • Tickets for weekday kids clubs are issued on the day of the event (ie: we do not supply tickets in advance).
  • Tickets for evening events can be obtained up to 3 days in advance.
  • All our events have a maximum number of vistors we are permitted to admit, so tickets are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Once all spaces are taken, no further tickets can be issued. This is for safety and insurance reasons.