Lark In The Park - Group admission policy

Our policy is that we do not normally admit play groups or children's groups to the "Lark In The Park" weekday kids clubs.

In exceptional cases, we may consider it for groups that are known to us, but we would need to have a meeting with you and your staff well in advance (at least a month). This is so that we can discuss conditions, finance, child protection legislation and the enrolling of your staff onto the "Lark" team for the day your group visits us. This last point will involve interviews, taking references and making legally required security checks for all the individuals involved. We will ask you to pay for the additional work and expence that this involves and, if you are paid to care for the children in your group we will also ask you to pass a portion of the payment you receive to us for the day your group comes. We will also need your staff to come to one or more Lark staff training sessions so that they are aware of our policies, standards and vision.

For these reasons, it is not possible to consider admitting a group unless this process is started at least a month before "Lark" opens.

Please also note that we are required by law to have the registration forms signed and authorised by the children's legally recognised "responsible parent" and that your group staff do not qualify to do this. Therefore the parents must register their children via our on-line registration system or on site, and sign the forms in person and pass them to you. Any children for which this is not properly done can not be admitted.

If you wish to investigate the possibility given the comments above, then please make contact with the "Lark in the Park" office as soon as possible. If you leave it too late, our answer will (I'm afraid) have to be "no".

If these requirements dont work for you, why not suggest to the parents of the kids in your club, that they all come to "Lark" on the same day, and meet up on site for a picnic?